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  • When using the services provided by Pesupanda OÜ, you also consent to the terms and conditions below. If you do not consent to the terms and conditions, you probably do not want to use our services either.

    Data security:

    • The Client provides his or her data voluntarily in order to be provided a service that is as personalised as possible.
    • Pesupanda OÜ will not share any data provided by the Client to any third parties or contact the Client for any issues other than those related to the provision of the service.
    • If the Client has reason to conceal its identity and therefore wants to carry out the transaction anonymously, the Client understands that in such case, Pesupanda OÜ does not know who the party to the transaction, i.e., the lawful owner of the product is, and any further acknowledgement of liability is significantly more difficult as compared to when the Client has provided his or her data to Pesupanda OÜ.
    • Clean items are returned to an anonymous Client on the basis of a receipt. Pesupanda OÜ cannot guarantee that whoever is producing the receipt is the individual who is actually entitled to receive the item.
    • Only Pesupanda OÜ knows the Client’s name, phone number, and address, the items proceed to cleaning/mending/dry-cleaning with an order number attached to them, which ensures that the Client remains completely anonymous.

    Situations where the liability of Pesupanda OÜ is limited:

    • When the Client wants to have a piece of clothing cleaned, the Client must admit that the item has been used, and after the cleaning process the Client will not be returned a piece of clothing that is new. The Client will be returned a used piece of clothing, which has been cleaned.
    • Pesupanda OÜ cannot guarantee that all the stains are removed, however, we do use the best technology available as we provide the service. It is important to give accurate information about the origin of the stains!
    • It is important to know that a piece of clothing to be cleaned will also deteriorate in the cleaning process. Each operation that a piece of clothing undergoes has an effect on it. When having a piece of clothing cleaned by us, the Client wants this effect and takes it into account.
    • Manufacturers of clothes are very specific about the manufacturing and processing of the materials used, so if the manufacturer’s instructions are unavailable or if an item has been attached incorrect instructions, we cannot always ensure that the material responds to cleaning correctly and that the product is cleaned properly. In that case, the piece of clothing may remain unclean and/or be damaged and/or become unusable.
    • If the label specifying cleaning directions is missing (cut off, destroyed, or illegible), the item will be cleaned at the client’s own risk.
    • If the material of a piece of clothing has been damaged in previous cleaning and processing (stain removal, cleaning, ironing, drying, washing), it is not possible to identify the extent and scope of and the agents used in previous processing, thus it is impossible to ensure that the material responds to cleaning correctly and that the product is cleaned properly. The piece of clothing may remain unclean and/or be damaged and/or become unusable.
    • In the case of buttons, press buttons, zippers, zipper sliders, buckles, glued on, sewed on, embroidered, or ironed on decorations, we do not know the level of wear, the chemical composition of the material used, the environment in which it has been, the level of wear caused by the frequency of use, or age-related peculiarities. Thus, we cannot ensure that buttons, press buttons, zippers, zipper slides, buckles, glued on, sewed on, embroidered, or ironed on decorations respond to cleaning correctly, that they are cleaned properly, and they may be damaged and/or become unusable and/or become unattached.
    • Each item is individual and therefore examined by an employee of OÜ Pesupanda before acceptance. If it appears that most likely defects cannot be avoided, the employee will draw special attention to that possibility.
    • Pesupanda OÜ will not accept any liability for any items left in pockets or damages caused by these items. 
    • Information about liability for carpet is available here: Carpet Cleaning.

    General terms and conditions:

    • We strongly recommend that you check any pieces of clothing you are returned at the time of return, and file any complaints on site. The Client knows that the resolution of further complaints is significantly more difficult because as a rule, the Client is unable to prove that he or she has not used the piece of clothing additionally in the meantime.
    • If an item is more expensive than usual, Pesupanda OÜ asks to be specially informed about this. In that case, OÜ Pesupanda wants to individually make sure that provision of the service is possible. If the special value of an item is not indicated, we assume that it is a regular item.
    • Clean clothes are preserved for free for up to 1 month following the agreed pick-up time, after that the Client will be charged a preservation fee of 1 EUR per day.
    • If the Client fails to pick up any cleaned item within 3 months, Pesupanda OÜ will be entitled to destroy the cleaned item or donate it to charity.
    • Any disputes will be settled by agreement. The parties involved in an agreement can substantiate their claims, inter alia, by getting an expert’s opinion. Any damage caused, including any damage arising from a dispute, will be compensated as provided by law.
    • Considering our business practice and the rationality principle, please try to avoid paying in €100, €200, and €500 notes. If possible, always pay by card.
    • To ensure better service quality, Pesupanda OÜ records its phone calls during a short period.
    • Pesupanda OÜ has video surveillance with the purpose of using the video recordings to substantiate any expressions of will made by the parties or any transactions carried out, and to better serve its Clients.
    • Pesupanda OÜ only guarantees service in Estonian. Customer service in any other language (English, Finnish, Russian) is a bonus, not a prerequisite.
    • Pesupanda OÜ’s answers to inquiries are only in Estonian. If a customer wishes to receive answers in another language, they have to arrange the translation themselves using their own means. 

    Cookie policy:

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    How do we use cookies on this website?

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    The valid base document of the terms of service is the Estonian version, which will be used in case of any disputes.


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